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This is the 1st conceptual album of Brazilian blues, where all the songs are arranged in a specific order that tells the story of a guy who came out of the mississippi southern cotton fields to try their luck in Chicago. However, he is bound to get a job to survive. In one of his spare moments he begins to remember his trajectory so far.


● Authorial blues album sung in Portuguese with engaging, content and personality lyrics;


● The album has an engaging sequence starting urban, goes to the 50s until the 30s and back to the present day, making a true recycling in the blues, denoting strong references in jazz, funk, groove, country and 50's rock;


● The most historic session of the album begins with the tale "História de um Bluesman" (Story of a Bluesman), involving the listener to a real journey to the origins of the blues;


● The graphic design brings this whole atmosphere of the album, made in digipack with 3 sides and finish book, booklet of 20 pages fully illustrated containing the song lyrics;


● An album to see, read, listen and be charmed.

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