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The ideal show in the right format for your event.

Blues Alone

Ideal for art exhibitions, lounges, pubs, restaurants, where the ambient sound (instrumental and / or singing) has a touch of charm and refinement of musical background. The repertoire of classic blues and jazz in playbacks high level accompanying the harmonica of Alex Dupas.

Blues Duo

Harmonica / vocals and acoustic / semi-acoustic guitar is ideal for intimate concerts. Works well for small environment where you want live music quality making the soundtrack of your event.


There is the option of the show "A Trip to History of the Blues", musical journey that goes from Mississippi to Chicago, passing through New Orleans and California. Along this journey, is told the story of the blues - its origins, fun facts, trivia, striking characters and their tales - creating an engaging and exciting atmosphere for all who wish to embark on this journey..

Blues Trio

Harmonica / vocals, guitars and bass (or another guitar).


Reduced formation without drums, works great in small places.

Blues Project

Harmonica / vocals, guitar, bass and drums. Occasionally piano.


Optimal formation for medium and large gigs. The repertoire of blues classics with a touch of 50's rock, jazz, funk, groove, country.

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