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Alex Dupas

With a 18-year career, Alex Dupas - Brazilian harmonica 

player, composer, songwriter and singer has a strong 

inspiration and influence of Robert Johnson,  Muddy Waters, 

Little Walter, Sonny Boy Williamson II.

Develops his work in the Blues, flirting with the Jazz,

Funky, Rhumba, Country, 50's Rock.


Along his musical career was part of several groups, among them are: Jazz Q.é Blues Band (1997), where he was founder, Souza The Souza Lima Harmonica Orchestra from Conservatory Souza Lima - SP (2001), regency of Ulysses Cazallas; Jafer Blue (2001). Currently, he joined the Black Garoa Blues Band and follows his solo career (Alex Dupas Blues Project)where he does solo performances (with playback), or double, or band, depending on the purpose of the event.


Alex Dupas has shared onstage with leading artists of the blues scene, such as Ruth London, Bee Scott, J. J. Jackson, Igor Prado, Mr John, Flávio Guimarães, Thiago CerveiraJefferson Gonçalves, Peter Mad CatDr. Feel Good and others.

He performs in several pubs and show houses in São Paulo, such as:

Bourbon Street Music Club (every two months shows in the Blues Lounge project in the Blues’n’Jazz magazine Party),

- Art openings in the Espaço Galeria 3058A – curated by Anna Guerra,

- Tonton Jazz Music Bar,

- Syndikat Jazz Club,

- Madeleine Jazz Bar,

- Paribar (biweekly gigs in July, August, September and December 2011),

- Pianos Bar on the Esport Club Pinheiros,

- Teta Jazz Bar,

- Johnnie Wash.


Alex Dupas also performs in pubs in country of São Paulo (SP), Minas Gerais (MG) and Rio de Janeiro (RJ), such as:

- Santa Garrafa – Araras – SP,

- Pinga com Torresmo – Varginha – MG,

- A Lenda – Conchal – SP,

- Blues Brazil – Taubaté – SP

He has participated in renowned events such as:

- Ibitiblues (Ibitipoca – MG – 2004/2005),

- Clube do Blues (Centro Cultural de Araras – SP – 10/2011 e 09/2012),

- Natal na Praça (Araras – SP – 2011),

- 11º Encontro Internacional de Harmônicas (SESC Pompéia – São Paulo – 2011),

- Projeto Encontros – Metrô Paraíso – SP – 2011/2012,

- 7º e 8º Penedo Winter Jazz & Blues (Jazz Village – Penedo – RJ – 2012/13),

- Arte no Parque (Música nos parques Villa Lobos e Trianon – SP – 2012).


He participated in the program Rock On the Road aired by JustTV e programa Terremoto Blues aired by Stay Rock Brazil.

2011 to 2013 he toured with the show "A Trip to History of the Blues' Alex Dupas was a musical journey that stretched from Mississippi to Chicago, passing through New Orleans and California. Throughout this trip, he had some history of the blues - its origins, fun facts, trivia, striking characters and their tales - creating an engaging and exciting atmosphere for all who would embark on this journey.


Also in 2011 released the CD "Coletânea Alex Dupas" (Alex Dupas Collection), which shows a summary of 10 years of his career.


Alex Dupas released his first solo CD, "Assalariado" (Salaried), considered the first Brazilian Blues concept CD with own compositions songs, which explores the blues sung in Portuguese.

Alex Dupas
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